Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Yesterday was so nice outside! There was a cool breeze and the temperature was 80 degrees. Talk about wanting to be outside! Needless to say I woke up this morning to rain and I was a little disappointed. But hey, look on the bright side, it's a perfect day for rainy day crafts, and I have just the idea! Clothespin Letter magnets to stick to your fridge! They are simple to make and your kids will love them!

What you need:     Clothespins
                            Craft Paper
                            Mod Podge (or any craft glue will work)
                            Decorations (Markers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, buttons, etc.)
                            Magnets (the strips of sticky back ones work best)                          

Once you collect all your supplies decide what letters you will need. Cut them out of the card stock, I used a Cricut, but you can use stencils, print the outlines from your computer or just draw them out! For mine I used my daughter's name:
*If you are using markers to decorate the letters color  them now, it will be much easier to color them before they are glued onto the clothespin*

When you are done cutting them out, glue them on to the clothespins.Let them dry for about 5 minutes before applying the decorations.

When the letters are dry, let your kids decorate them how ever they want!

When they are finished decorating it is time to stick on the magnets! I cut the magnets up small enough to fit on the back of the clothespin.

Just peel the paper off the back of the magnet and stick to the back of the clothespin.
Now just let the clothespins dry for a few hours before sticking them.
Now you have beautiful magnets to hold your kids artwork up on the fridge!
Have fun, I know we did!!

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