Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Sorry I have been a little MIA the past few days, my daughter's 1st birthday party was yesterday, pictures will be coming soon! It was so much fun!

Easter is just around the corner and what would be cuter than a farm full of Chocolate Eggs?! I have a fun and cute project for you to tackle with your kids while they're at home bored during spring break! Do you have a bunch of those plastic Easter eggs just laying around? I know I did, that's what helped me come up with this idea!

What you will need: 

Plastic Easter Eggs
Chocolate you can melt (white chocolate works best)
Jelly Beans
Wax Paper

Break the eggs in half if they are connected in the middle.
Lay them out with the open end laying on top of the pretzels (the pretzels will be the feet)
Once you melt the chocolate pour it on top of the eggs like this:
Let the chocolate dry a little so it will be a little tacky so when you place the decorations on them they will stick without sliding off.

Cut the ends of the jelly beans so that one side is flat
Keep both pieces of the jelly beans, you can use the little piece for a nose.
You can place two big pieces of jelly bean at the bottom for the chicks feet, and the little piece on the face for the beak,  like this:

If you would like you can place two large pieces of jelly bean on top of the egg for ears, and a little piece on the face for a nose:
I thought these looked cute!

Next you need to put on the eyes with frosting:
One of the pink ones actually made me think of a pig, so I also made one of them a pig!

Next decorate the animals like you would like, I added whiskers for the bunnies, a snout for the pig and a little piece of puff for the chicks!
Now let the chocolate finish drying


Now you have your little Easter farm:
I added a little grass, a fence and an Easter basket for decorations!

Have fun!

*If you would like you can email pictures of your creations to: and I will feature them on my blog for everyone to see!*

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