Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slap Bracelets!

Uhhhh, so I forgot one MAJOR thing that I needed for making the quilt.. The walking foot for my sewing machine :(
I started it and everything. I started with the Petal block (because I have a thing for PINK), I got the block all together down to the scrap pieces in the middle. I went to sew the scrap pieces in the middle of the block, and duh! I forgot that I kind of needed to buy the walking foot, hehe. (Leave it up to me!)
I feel like such a blonde now.
Last week we went to Chuck E. Cheese here for pizza. We won some tickets so we went to the prize counter, and guess what they had... SLAP BRACELETS! Ha. Remember those? Those tacky bracelets we used to slap on each others wrists? Yep.
They were so tacky looking, haha. I had to figure a way to glamor them up, so maybe... just maybe I could wear one!
Well it finally hit me when I was designing this weeks blogs full of RUFFLES! (I just love ruffles!)
Anyways.. Would you like to see what I came up with??
(I know the suspense is killing you!)
Well.... TaDa!
(I know the picture is HORRIBLE, I so totally need a new camera)

What do you think? You like? It's even interchangable.. You can make more than one and just change the cover on it depending on your mood... I guess like a mood bracelet, hehe!

So here's what you've been waiting for, the tutorial!
The materials you will need are:

Fabrics, you can even use your scraps for this (yay!)
Slap Bracelet
and your handy, dandy Sewing Machine!
 Measure out the width and the length of your bracelet. My bracelet was 1in. x 9in., so I cut my fabric 3in. x 10in. 
Then I cut a notch out of the top corner that is about an inch by an inch and a half, for the flap.

I serged the top part and added velcro so that way the bracelet can be interchangable.

It's ruffle time! I used a scrap that was an inch by 15 inches.
Once you have the ruffle how you want it pin it to the long half of the main fabric.

And sew it on!

Fold the piece in half, long ways.. 
(Remember folding the paper Hot Dog style in school?? I do! and this totally reminded me about that)

Make sure to keep the ruffles off the edge so you don't sew them! Now sew up along the side and across the bottom part. And turn it right side out... and
You now have your slap bracelet cover!

*So who's watching Project Runway right now??? I know I am :)*


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  1. Too cute! My daughter and I might just have to make these.. LOVE the "mood bracelet" aspect!! hehehe Thanks for sharing it with us :)