Monday, August 29, 2011


When I first started this blog, I thought that all I was ALLOWED to do was post tutorials and stuff just to get people to read it and follow me. I follow a few blogs, and they inspire me to keep doing what I do, and the other day I realized, this blog doesn't need to be all about tutorials, (I mean I know people love tutorials, I know I do!), but there has to be some other kind of interesting things going on too! I love to craft, and personally I have been doing it all of my life. When I was little I would skip right by the TOY aisle (I know, CRAZY, huh?) and head straight for the markers and crayons and art supplies. I loved cutting and glueing things, my mom wouldn't let me paint :( But oh, well, I got over that quickly! So the reason I started this blog was to share my craftiness with everyone, so I hope if you decide to follow me, that you will enjoy everything else along with it! (p.s- I am looking into getting a new camera soon, fingers crossed, so hopefully there will be better pictures for you to look at!)
So my point is... That I promise to make this an interesting blog full of craftiness, ideas and maybe some motherhood thrown in there!

                                                                   Source: Pinterest

Now to the good stuff :)

Okay, so I kind of have this obsession with crayons! I just LOVE them! And I really love this time of year, because it is when you can find them REALLY cheap! Like 25 cents cheap! So I kind of stock pile on them and use them throughout the year for different crafty projects that I can come up with. 
Well while my hubby was home I worked on this:
And it was soo funny, because he was just as excited about me making it as I was! Which amazed me :) He's always like, ANOTHER craft project? Don't you have enough of those? Hehe! But with this one he was right there with me watching me make it, (He even was trying to give me tips, ha!) I am very happy with how it turned out, with it being my first one and all! Needless to say there are going to be more in the future!


  1. I love this project, and have been noticing it popping up a lot lately. LOVE IT!

  2. Thanks, I love it too! I was going to do a tutorial on it, but like you, I have seen it everywhere! But it feeds into my Crayons addiction :)